Students interested in pursuing careers in sports media have a wealth of opportunities at Indiana University. The Sports Media Program at IU is a comprehensive educational program which allows undergraduate and graduate students to combine unparalleled hands-on media experiences with state-of-the-art classroom education.

Incoming undergraduate students have multiple options for their sports media academic career. Many student choose to enroll in the Sports Media concentration, which is housed with in the B.A. in Media. This concentration allows them to focus on one of five sports media areas: sports broadcasting, media management in sports, sports production, social media in sports, and sports writing. The Media School offers specialized upper-level classes in these areas.

Another incoming student option is to focus on the B.A.J. in Journalism, with a specialization in Sports Journalism. Students are able to take the same sports media courses, regardless of which degree path they choose.

Graduate students can take part in upper-level skills-based sports media courses, as well as having the opportunity to work on special projects with experienced sports media faculty members.

For more information on our academic programs, please visit the Sports Media curriculum page.