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Nostalgia is a real and powerful thing. Memories are real and powerful and important to hold on to.

But nostalgia and memories can’t be a business strategy. As Jeff Jarvis once wrote, no successful business model ever began with “people should.”

This has become less about Kareem Hunt’s actions and much more about the NFL and the Chiefs’ institutional response to it.

The thing about The Peter Man, in the end, is that he can fit whatever narrative you want to tell.

If it’s about a comically bad quarterback, if it’s about a team’s mismanagement of a position, if it’s about a lost season of football, if it’s about race and power in the NFL, if it’s about a fan base’s desperation for their team to be relevant, if it’s about a historically ineffective offense, or if it’s about how media narratives, practices and attitudes can color how we view a player, Nathan Peterman is the vessel in which we can fill whatever story we want.