ESPN’s Wright Thompson speaks on refining an artistic craft at Media School

ESPN senior writer Wright Thompson’s advice on April 15 was simple: Find what you’re passionate about and treat it like a craft.

Early in his career, Thompson looked at longform stories and couldn’t understand how they came to be. He thought there was some kind of magic involved.

Now that he’s earned a reputation as a master of these types of stories, he knows there’s no secret.

“This is very much the result of 20 years working at a craft,” Thompson said. “The ones who are going to succeed treat it like a craft.”

Thompson gave this advice and more to Media School students and faculty at a public talk Monday in the Franklin Hall commons. He also discussed his new book, “The Cost of These Dreams: Sports Stories and Other Serious Business,” which compiles stories about sports figures including Michael Jordan, the Chicago Cubs, Pat Riley and Lionel Messi, among others.

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