Ben Heisler

Major: Journalism

Years at IU: 2006-2010

What he did at IU: I focused a lot on writing. I was involved in WIUX and IUSTV. I ended up on the board of directors of WIUX running the sports department. For IUSTV, I anchored Hoosier Sports Night. Then we started a new segment called the Run Down. I had a ton of good classes, professors, and opportunities. I had internships that helped too because I did a ton of networking through those.

What he does now: I always thought I’d be doing play-by-play. I worked in St. Louis doing play-by-play for an independent league. I’ve worked for MLB network radio and Sirius XM. A friend I went to high school with from Chicago was hosting afternoon radio in Kansas City. They needed a new exec producer and host, so I took a leap of faith and went from DC to Kansas City. I became the third member of the Afternoon Drive and the exec producer.

What advice he has for sports media students: The biggest thing would be don’t be afraid to take chances; try out as many things as you can especially in college, and remember media is always changing. The most important thing you can be is a well-rounded interesting person. Be able to know how to write and speak because media jobs expect you to know how to do everything. Also, having a versatile skill set will go a long way for you and make life easier.