Brian Carroll

Hometown: Rochester, NY

Majors: Telecommunications and Criminal Justice; Psychology Minor

Years at IU: 1991-95

What I did at IU: I worked for WFIU, putting together some news reports and IU basketball updates. Margaret Joseph ran the news functions of the station, and I learned a ton from her. Also was an intern at WTIU, producing/editing features. I was a member of Pi Kappa Phi. Frankly, I should have been more active in the IU Sports/Media community. I vaguely remember being a tape producer for one women’s basketball game, and I should have asked to do more of that. There is SO much opportunity for students!

What I do now: Senior Vice President for Global Media Distribution at LPGA. I oversee our relationships with Golf Channel/ABC/NBC in the US, as well as 30+ international broadcasters and our sports betting platform. We also create a ton of content for our website, apps, and international sites. I’ve worked here since 2010. Before that, I worked at the PGA Tour for 10 years and ESPN for 6 years.

Advice for Sports Media Students: Find your passion. Learn how the business works. Meet a ton of people, and find out what they do. Never stop learning. Figure out what makes YOU happy.