Brody Miller

Major: Journalism

Years at IU: 2013-2017

What you did at IU: After two years covering IU football and men’s basketball at the IDS, among other things, I served as managing editor of the IDS my senior year. I also hosted a weekly WIUX radio show that technically was about sports but truly delved into food.

What you do now: LSU beat reporter for The Athletic

What advice you have for sports media students?: Take big swings. Swing like Javy Baez. You’ll whiff a lot, but you’ll hit some home runs and learn a lot of lessons along the way. You won’t get much better by trying to cover things like everyone else. That goes for stories and for your career. Move away from your comfort zone. Move to some city in the South you’ve never heard of. Do things that scare you. Both your career and your life will be better for it. Oh, and work hard. Make the extra call. Always.