Sarah Beeson

Major: Sport Communication – Broadcast; Minor: Journalism

Years at IU: 2011-2015

What she did at IU: IUSTV, Big Ten Student U,, Delta Gamma Sorority

What she does now: I’m currently a Producer for’s International websites. I oversee and produce content for 6 countries’ websites – Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Finland, and Sweden. We insert media/photos for each story and program it on the site where is most appropriate for the time of day with time difference and native player interests taken into account.

What advice she has for sports media students: Network, network network. No one you meet will be “too small” or “too big” to help you out down the line. Along those lines, be nice to anyone and everyone you meet.. I got my first gig from a gentleman I met while serving tables right out of school. Which turned into a promotion later. Lastly, don’t be too obsessed with where you end up/what you end up doing right out of school. I started out logging (which I desperately did not want to do), and now I’m working in web content. Your career can (and likely will) take many turns you didn’t expect.