Tricia Whitaker

Hometown: Bloomington, IN

Major: Communication

Years at IU: 2009 – 2012

What she did at IU: Reporter and Video Editor at IUSportCom, Reporter and Anchor for Hoosier Sports Nite on IUSTV, Sideline Reporting for Big Ten Student U, Host for This is Indiana Show, Video Reporter Intern for the Pacers. Intern at Channel 13 WTHR (NBC Indianapolis affiliate).

What she does now: I am a Sports Anchor and Sports Reporter at CBS4 and FOX59 in Indianapolis.

What advice she has for sports media students: Take every opportunity given to you. There is no opportunity “below” you. Network like crazy and get to know people in the industry. Seek their advice. Social media is very important. Promote your work as a student and be smart about what you say and do on social media. Don’t limit yourself to just one expertise or sport. Actively learn how to report, anchor, produce, edit, write and shoot. You will need all of those skills in this industry at some point or another, whether it’s radio or TV. Work hard and don’t burn bridges, it is a small industry. Form good relationships with with everyone in the industry; from athletes, coaches, media members, crew members, fellow students and professors. Be a good person. Relationships in this business are so important. Don’t let discouragement or harsh criticism get you down. Listen to constructive criticism but ignore the trolls.