Bob Knight returns to Assembly Hall for second time in 20 years

Bob Knight watches women's basketball from Assembly Hall

Former IU men’s basketball head coach Bob Knight watches the No. 22 IU women’s basketball team Feb. 27 in Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall. This was the second time Knight has been to a game at Assembly Hall since he was fired in 2000. (COLIN KULPA)

Bob Knight returned to Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall on Thursday for the second time in 20 years to watch No. 22 IU women’s basketball in its final regular season home game against Nebraska.

Knight was honored during the IU men’s basketball halftime game against Purdue on Feb. 8 in his first return to Assembly Hall since his firing in 2000.

On Thursday, Knight sat at the southwest corner of the arena away from the spotlight while holding a bucket of popcorn.

Knight coached the IU men’s basketball program to three national championships and five Final-Four appearances during his time as head coach. Knight was let go by IU for violating the zero tolerance policy.

He left the game with 3:14 left in the third quarter.