‘Dream come true’ as Teter surges to Women’s Little 500 win

For 70 laps, it didn’t look like anyone was going to catch up to Ski Cycling, which had a half-lap lead over the rest of the field at one point.

Then, fatigue hit.

Delta Gamma, Teter Cycling and Alpha Chi Omega started to creep up on Ski little-by-little, until Delta Gamma finally overtook first place.

By the time the white flag was waved for the final lap, it was a three-team race to the finish line between Ski, Delta Gamma and Teter. Ski slowly faded as the three teams approached the third turn. Then Delta Gamma and Teter ended up being separated by one final push from senior rider Lauren Britt to ultimately give Teter its first Women’s Little 500 win since 2011.

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