Andy Wittry

Major: Journalism<

Years at IU: 2012-2016

What he did at IU: Indiana Daily Student, Big Ten Student U, and WIUX, as well as the IU Dance Marathon and Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

What he does now:  I’m currently working for Turner Sports/ as a men’s basketball reporter. My focus is news and data stories on the national college basketball landscape, and I also work in what’s called our “point” role, which involves helping oversee our overall nightly coverage on with updated headlines, pictures, scores and stories.

What advice he has for sports media students: Get involved with as many types of media outlets (and sports) as possible. Not just because it’s important to find out what type of media you enjoy the most or are most talented at, but because you have to be able to communicate in all forms of media in 2019 — from writing, to social media, to being comfortable on-air in a broadcast or interview setting. Also, there’s a direct correlation between broadcast preparation and broadcast quality, and you never know which connections are going to help you later in life, so never stop networking.