Damon Bruce

Major: Sport Communication – Broadcast. My major was so new at that time it was run though the department of Kinesiology. Never made sense to me either. I’m not a doctor, know almost nothing of the human body, didn’t study the body … but my degree says Kinesiology … where it should say broadcasting. All I know is I spent more time at the student station than I did the library.

Years at IU: 1993 – 1997. I was there during the Andrae Patterson Era. Graduated in 1997, as the part first class at IU to not get at least a share of a Big Ten Title under Bob Knight.

What he did at IU: Was constantly at WIUS in my days, doing shows on music, sports, or just general talk. Member of Sigma Pi. Spent a lot of time at Nick’s. Went to ever single football and basketball game I could get into.

What he does now: Host of the “Damon Bruce Show” in San Francisco, California. One of the longest tenured full time hosts in the Bay Area. Been in San Francisco since 2005 after leaving ESPN Radio (Bristol, CT) having worked as Sports Center anchor and fill-in host on ESPN Radio. I do pre-game for the Golden State Warriors, and used to serve as pre and post game host of 49ers Football, and San Francisco Giants baseball.

What advice he has for sports media students: Stay mobile. You must be able to chase the opportunity when you see it. It will not come to you. Marriage, kids, school districts end many broadcasting journeys before they even get a chance to begin.