Jeremy Rosenthal

Major: Sport Communication

Years at IU: 2006-10

What you did at IU: I wrote for the Indiana Daily Student for two years and interned for IU Athletics media relations for one year. I was a statistician for Big Ten Student U and also worked for the athletic ticket office and tutored for the athletic department.

What you do now: My current position is Assistant Director of Strategic Communications. I’m the primary contact for Softball, Women’s Soccer and Women’s Tennis.

What advice do you have for sports media students?: I would say take advantage of the wonderful opportunities you have to get involved and gain experience at IU and beyond. Use the IU network and reach out to people in sports media and seek mentors and those that can help you with your path. I love when students reach out to me and I love to give back. There are lots of people that helped me when I was at IU and myself and other IU alums are very willing to help.