Jordan Burrows

Major: Media

Years at IU: 2015-18

What you did at IU: Big Ten Student U, WIUX, IU News Net, IUSTV, Big Brothers Big Sisters, IUDM, IUSF, freelance production for FOX, BTN, ESPN; part-time job at Scholars Inn; internships with WZPL, Barstool Sports, WISH-TV; co-hosted a podcast called “Straight Outta College.”

What you do now: Anchor/Reporter at WLFI (West Lafayette, IN)

What advice you have for sports media students: Be yourself and don’t be afraid to be different in this industry. Life is hard, but working in sports is so rewarding. I’m not in the sports world yet, but you bet I’m working as hard as I can to get there. Feel free to reach out if you need anything.