Lydia Knoll

Major: KSB Marketing, SPH Sports Management

Years at IU: 2015-2019

What I did at IU: I worked in the athletic department all four years of college, beginning as a football recruiting intern and transitioning to the Cuban Center as a photography and social media intern. I served as the “adidas campus agent” for two years before landing an internship at adidas North America HQ in Portland, Oregon. I enhanced my broadcasting through BTN Student U and IUSTV. I served as the President of Sports Marketing Alliance and VP of Association of Women in Sports Media. Outside of campus activities, I held an internship with the Indianapolis Colts and did freelance work for FOX Sports and CBS.

Now: Project Manager for our Communities & Social Impact team at Adidas.

Advice: Continually seek to learn and grow, whether it’s as a broadcaster, a business professional, or a person. This not only improves your career but improves your quality of life outside of work.