Seth Tow

Major: Media
Years at IU: 2015-2019
What you did at IU: Covered men’s golf and track & field at IDS as a freshman, men’s basketball and football at Inside Indiana (247Sports) sophomore and junior, men’s basketball at Inside the Hall as a senior; Big Ten Student U, WIUX
What you do now: High school sports, IU women’s basketball and men’s soccer at the Herald-Times
What advice you have for sports media students: Do as much as you can while you’re at IU, and don’t pigeonhole yourself too early. The opportunities you have while you’re a student are so great, both for trying different media forms and for doing things you want to do within that. There’s a lot of toxicity in the field — it’s still a lot of fun — but the student media environments within IU student media may be the least toxic environments you’ll work in. Take advantage of that and enjoy it. Be willing to go anywhere for your first job — it’s easier to get another job in this field when you’re currently employed than when you’re unemployed. Covering high school sports can be really fun, so don’t act like you’re above doing that. Very few people get jobs in big markets covering a college or pro team straight out of college, and going into job searches expecting to get that type of job will severely limit you.