Sammy Jacobs

Major: Sports Communication and Broadcasting

Years at IU: 2005-2009

What you did at IU: As a student at IU I focused on getting experiences in all different fields. During the summers I worked at camps for dyslexic students, as a criminal law paralegal and in the restaurant business. While none of these experiences were truly oriented toward communication and broadcasting it helped me immensely to get to where I am. While on campus I would try and get into every open practice, take coaching classes and talk with players and coaches away from the field to either learn about or deepen my knowledge of a sport. I was torn between going into coaching or taking the leap into broadcasting.

What you do now:  Currently I own and operate, a website that covers Indiana University’s football program. It is something that my friend and I started while I was getting my master’s degree in education in 2013. It started as a hobby and has transformed into a fully credentialed site. The website has taken me to places I never thought I would reach and has given me a chance to give back to IU by providing opportunities for Media School students. I am also currently the statistician for the radio broadcast with Don Fischer and Buck Suhr. In addition to running the site and covering football, I teach physical education and health in Indianapolis. Being able to do two things that I love and enjoy is such a unique opportunity.

What advice you have for sports media students?:  Try everything. There are skills that I have picked up in every job inside of and outside of sports broadcasting that have helped me every step of the way. Be open and honest, don’t be afraid to ask for help and make connections. Remember where you came from and do not let success go to your head, but also don’t get discouraged if you are not where you’d think you’d be. If you put in hard, honest work, you will get to where you need to be.