Abbott speaks on his reporting in ‘Knight’ viewing

IU Media School students and the larger Bloomington community packed Franklin Hall on Nov. 26 for a documentary decades in the making.

“The Last Days of Knight,” directed by former CNN world sports journalist Robert Abbott, detailed iconic Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight’s rise to power and championship success, as well as investigations of player abuse that ultimately led to the firing of “The General.”

The 30 for 30 series documentary was originally released exclusively to the ESPN+ streaming service in April 2018, but Abbott joined Franklin Hall for a Monday night viewing three days ahead of its national ESPN debut on Nov. 29

Abbott’s presentation at Franklin Hall, occurred just feet away from where Abbott witnessed Knight’s post-farewell firing address at Dunn Meadow in September 2000. A joint Q&A between Abbott and executive producer John Dahl followed the screening.

“We found out what can happen when a journalist goes after a powerful person and the structure in place to protect him,” Abbott said.

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