Jerod Morris to host Podcast Coaching Workshop

09.29.2018 | 6:00 pm

Franklin Hall 310

Join us in Franklin Hall 310 at 2:00 PM on Friday September 28th for a special workshop on podcasting.


“Why Every Serious Media Student Should Launch a Podcast While in College…


… And the Secret to Actually Making Your Podcast a Success”


Stop waiting to be chosen and choose yourself. In the new media landscape, with barriers to entry lower than they’ve ever been, you can’t afford to wait for permission or opportunity. You have to seize it yourself. And the sooner you start, the better.


Jerod Morris, professional podcast coach and the host of The Assembly Call and Podcast on the Brink, will explain why right now — your college years — is the absolute perfect time to launch your own podcast.


And he’ll share the biggest lesson he’s learned during 10+ years as a podcaster. It’s a lesson that all successful podcasters understand and one that is fundamental to every role you will have in your media career.


Register for this free session by clicking on this link. Contact Galen Clavio ( if you have any questions.